Saturday, October 4, 2008

Week Two of Work

The windy, snowy weather continues. Today we had sustained winds of 50 miles an hour and gusts to sixty.

Earlier in the week, an ice storm coated the buildings and walkways with a layer of slick, clear ice. This ice plus the wind makes walking and working outside treacherous.

My job today was to walk up the side of the glacier and check on the science cable that runs to my building. The winds and freeze/thaw cycles have buried the cable in ice and I intended to chip it out.

To get to the glacier, I got my first experience of "the backyard", the area that runs between station and the glacier. Right now the backyard is covered by 5' of snow but this summer it will melt out and we are allowed to camp back on the rocks.

Here's a few pics of me at work and the iced railings in station.