Sunday, January 11, 2009

Game Time

I was asked, "what sports are popular at Palmer station ?". Well, now that the snow has cleared from the backyard, Frisbee golf is played by a few people. But far and away, the sport of choice is Kubb (pronounced "Koob"). Not familiar with it ? No surprise. The equipment required is really simple although the rules can be a little complex.

In essence, team members take turns throwing sticks at larger sticks. That might sound like its on the edge of safety already. An additional and important part of the game however is the energetic taunting and dancing mean to distract the opposing team at each throw. Depending of whose playing and how wound-up they are, it can get quite rowdy :)

Lore suggests that Koobs originated with the Vikings and that our lab manager learned it from some Norwegian deckhands on a passing ship.

I'll get some action video of it up sometime.

To start playing Kubb yourself, polish up your Swedish and blink ute this website:

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TemporaryLibrarian said...

Who would think throwing sticks could get so complicated? I'm looking forward to the video.