Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On the airwaves

A couple of people have written is to say that they heard me on their local radio station. Yep, that was me. I chatted with hosts at KBCO of Boulder CO on Monday morning, KFOG of San Francisco on this morning and will talk with WCBS of NY on Friday. Each of the conversations has been quick and light, talking about Palmer station and climate of the West Antarctic Peninsula. Thanks to my friend Michael Aisner of Boulder for setting these up ! If anyone has ideas of other locals stations I should talk to, give me a shout.


Anonymous said...

I heard a bit on KPCC talking about Antarctic warming but I didn't hear your voice. It'd be cool to have a link to the audio somewhere. Congratulations on giving these interviews, that's really cool.


TemporaryLibrarian said...

How about WFIU?

HoosierKitty said...

I agree with Temporary Librarian, I'm sure they'd love the fact that you grew up in Bloomington