Sunday, October 12, 2008

A fine weekend

The last two weeks we've had some sunny weather at station. Monday through Saturday afternoon, this just means that we enjoy looking at the beautiful sights while we go about our work. On Saturday evenings and Sundays however, we are off work and free to hike or boat around the station.

The small islands near us here are rocky and (right now) covered in snow and ice. As summer sets in however, the snow will melt and mosses and lichens will become visible. Most of the islands are designated as wildlife preserves to protect nesting birds and mammals but we are allowed to land on a selected few.

Here are some of the things I saw on my Sunday boating trip last week:
a flock of blue-eyed shags. Antarctican grass. Sunset from the top of the glacier.

Most of the folks on station are keen photographers but one is more serious than the others. That's Scott Sternbach, a professor at LaGuardia College and a visiting artist in the NSF Artists and Writers Program ( Scott and his assistant Homero brought their vintage large format camera along to photograph the islands. Scott is also responsible for some of the photos I posted of the Gerlach Strait at the beginning of this blog. He plans to mount an exhibition of his portraits and landscapes from Antartica later this year.


Neal said...

It has been insanely good weather these past few weeks. Much more and it will be hard to get me to leave.

ShawnaRachelle said...

WOW! Sounds like your are having quite an experience there. I am sooo happy for you.